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No real definition of the phrase can be established, as it clearly doesn't make sense to begin with. Often used as a last resort response to an unrelated statement or question.

The use of the phrase generally results in utter confusion for the other person, and can be used to get out of sticky(hair) situations.

Usually pronounced with a sort of yo-yo voice tone, accompanied by a Canadian-Persian-Twat accent.

Common suffixes include man, brosky, brosef, buddy, broooo and mate.
Note: On special occasions, different variations of suffixes can be used, eg. budiola, brosefsky, bro-a-saurus etc.
Example 1
Person 1: So you wanna like go to town orrrr?
Person 2: Yeah man, good for skin brosky.

Example 2
Person 1: Mate, you shouldn't smoke.
Person 2: Good for skin man.

Example 3
Person 1: Man this VB taste like piss.
Person 2: No.....bro, good for skin budiola.

Example 4
Person 1: I hate the music at this club.
Person 2: Good for skin bro-a-saurus.

Example 5
Person 1: Dude are you drunk already?
Person 2: Li bi tipsy, good for skin buddy.

Note: In most examples, a plausible and common response by Person 1 could be "WHAT EVEN IS THAT!?", followed by unwarranted hysterical laughter from Person 2.
by YirosNob July 24, 2011
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