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Someone around the age of 17-18 who is gay and depressed and has never had a job. They tend to say words wrong all the time intentionally to seem funny but it’s not. Only plays free games on PS4 and says they’re really good even though they are garbage. Also hates being wrong and will argue for as long as possible to seem like the better person. Don’t be a GooGoo_Bars.
*kills GooGoo_Bars in Minecraft Hunger Games*

GooGoo_Bars: “fucking kill yourself nigg*r I was lagging and you think you’re fucking good”
Me: “oh so now that I’ve killed you once you get all mad and bitchy”
*GooGoo_Bars mutes you in PS4 party*
by #sethisaburdentohisfamily July 18, 2018
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