A boner, derived from video game related playing or discussion.
"Did you see the new Assassin's Creed 3 trailer?"
"Dude, every time I watch it I get a goner"
by Joe Winchester March 27, 2012
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term for a girl that's so ugly, disgusting, bitchy, repulsive, etc. that she makes guys' boners go away. synonym for boner shrinker.
Lara: "Did you see Kim in her flesh-colored one piece last night?"

Ella: "Oh yeah. She looked like she had just climbed out of the swamp. No guy would ever touch that."

Lara: "That girl is SUCH a goner."
by lgolebie May 27, 2011
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getting a boner while playing Gears of War.
Alex: Jim got a huge goner while playing Gears last night
Dean: man thats hilarious!
by TheMillionthMan November 07, 2009
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a boner resulting from sexual attraction from same sex...simply, a gay boner
George Bush gets raging goners everytime he watches Bill O'Reilly
by heezy420 September 03, 2010
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