A Golledge is a person put on this earth for us normal people, due to their handicap being incredibly retarded. A term of endearment for the mentally handicapped or stupid. It is commonly believed that Golledge's are created by fucktarded, mouth breather sperm. Though plausible, this is the cause of furries, not Golledge's. However, a proven, common cause of Golledgation is your mother getting stuck in the stink, forgetting to wipe off the tard-infested shit off your father's dick, then getting stuck in the pink thus conceiving your retarded ass. Check science. There are some new developments that indicate that some forms of autism may be linked to early television viewing. A common tell-tale sign of being a Golledge is trying to use the plugs from Hot Topic to pleasure yourself, suffering from dandruff, being gay, or being a weeaboo. Alternative theories suggest that Golledgation is also caused by punching pregnant women in the stomach, or when a man uses a condom, as some Durex factories carry headlice and stringrays and AIDS.
Golledge Aids pregnant
by Craag Macgregor April 29, 2009
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