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Noun:1. The intense orgasmic feeling one achieves after scoring a goal.
2. The reaction to the act of scoring a goal in futbol or soccer in which one immediatly starts running around the field with his or her arms and mouth wide open. The crowd and announcer often will yell 'GOL!!!!!!!!'. Golgasms can last from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the person and team scoring the goal.

Plural- Golgasms or Multiple Golgasms if more than 1 goal was scored.
Crowd: "Gollllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!"
John (American who doesnt watch soccer): Whats everybody doing?
Shahin: They're having a golgasm!

Sean: "So what did it feel like after scoring that goal?"

Sob: "I just had a golgasm!"
Damon: "How'd it feel?"
Sob: "Well I after I scored the goal, I got this warm feeling in my shorts, it was great!"
by akmoney October 01, 2007
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