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Similar to Tennis Elbow but occurs on the inside of the elbow as opposed to the outside. It is a form of tendinitis caused by putting too much stress on the elbow. It is caused when old people are over-stimulated watching balls being repetitively driven home into small holes in a climax of excitement (Golf of course), the stimulation causes older people to shake their hands too vigorously at the TV which combined with weak tendons from old age is very dangerous. The safest way to avoid risk to family members is to not let your grandparents watch stimulating sports such as golf.
1- Dave: "Did you hear about Johnny's gramps? Apparently he's in hospital with Golfer's Elbow"

Alex: "Curse you Tiger Woods, another falls victim to your inability to control your balls"

2- James: "My sister was working as a paramedic at the WGC... she says she's never seen so many cases of Golfers Elbow in her life, there were old people moaning in pain everywhere, she didn't know if she'd have to start putting them down"
by IdontTHINKthatsRIGHT November 06, 2013
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