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Golden Panthers is the mascot of Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. Their colors are blue and gold and play at many on-campus venues such as, FIU Stadium for the football team, Pharmed Arena for the basketball team, and University Park Stadium for the baseball team, among many other athletic facilities.
Everyone knows that the FIU Golden Panthers are the best in Florida, that's why everyone always says "Go Panthers!"
by FIUpanther February 29, 2008
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A Golden Panther is when you lather a woman's whole body in mustard. Afterwards, you proceed to shove a chain of sausages in said woman's ass, thus acting as the tail. You then smack the girl's ass and make them purr, completing the Golden Panther.
"Now I know why FIU called their team the 'Golden Panthers.' Their team plays like they're covered in mustard with sausages shoved up their ass."
by Super Adam AKA Shadow April 19, 2008
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