Jimmy plays fortnite and collects Golden scar s”

“Jimmy is a natural girl repellent
by 😎😘🖕 January 1, 2019
The legendary Scar in the game Fortnite, the game that’s stealing all your boyfriends. The Scar is one of the best weapons in the game, good for long ranges and short range fights. The one weapon your boyfriend will pick over you any day of the week.
Him: Hey bro I just got a golden scar

Friend: you’re gonna carry the whole team with your scar, this is gonna be a Battle Royale.
by Over it May 16, 2018
Whoever looked this up is such a BOT and loves Fortnite or The Lion King.
Guy 1: I need my golden scar bro
Guy 2: only bots need golden scars
Guy 1: no I meant the lion king!
Guy 2: oh......The Golden Scar!
by TBS_Inferno May 22, 2019