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A high five which occurs when two people are peeing.

It cannot be stressed highly enough that this must be done blindly, as it is bad peeing etiquette to look toward another person as he or she is peeing.
(At a urinal)
Person A: Dude, did you see that chick who was totally checking me out just a few minutes ago?
Person B: Whoa! Totally! She was smokin', dude!
Person A: Dude, I know. Lay it on me, brother!
(Golden Five ensues)
by Golden Dude July 07, 2009
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To do a Golden Five you should do the following, preferably at the same time:

1. Ejaculate
2. Pee
3. Poop
4. Vomit
5. Bleed
- We went on a surprise visit to Big T but he wasn't home so we did a Golden Five in his bed instead, it was awesome!
by Leukemias September 28, 2010
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