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1: When a man asks a woman to pee on him.

If the woman agree, the man then tells her that she is sick and can't see her anymore.
If the woman refuses, the man then tells her she isn't wild enough for him and then ends the relationship.
The method is referred to as Golden, because of its nature (golden shower), effectiveness, as well as ending with little or no aftermath.

2: To a lesser extent, when a women asks a man to pee on her. This is do to the fact that when a man pees on a women he is merely tagging her as his. Since tagging a women with one's pee is a greater bond then wedding vows, if the man isn't interested in a long term relationship this method is successful. If the man is looking for a long term relationship this method is ineffective.
Adam: How did you break up with that psycho chick and not have her stalk you.
Joel: I just used the Golden Break up...
Dave: You used the Golden Break up, broner!!
by BekHanson December 02, 2009
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