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An act of going up the wrong side of the stairs. Most commonly used in two-story schools, stairs with rails, and buildings. It gives you a thrill like no other because you are breaking a rule of going up a side of the stairs that you should only be going down, not UP. A tradition at some schools that will carry on throughout the United States. Must be done when given the opportunity. Came from the the book King Arthur and the Code of Chivalry.A fairly new phase, but has spread through cities.
Everyday, schools should be going code.
by ONHERE July 08, 2009
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Also "going to code", "gone to code". Flatlining or some other kind of medical emergency where the person is dying or near death. Comes from hospital codes for cardiopulmonary arrest, e.g. Code Blue, Code Red.
"Well he's on the table and he's gone to code."
"He just went to the hospital. Got a call that his terminally ill girlfriend's going code."
by briller August 01, 2015
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