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A girl or boy who you have never met, looks attractive on facebook or on any other social network, but in real life when you finally meet them, you think wow that person is not attractive at all and has disgusting characteristic. Facebook pretty shows that pictures can be deceiving.
Ah, dude this girl pictures on facebook was hot but when i saw her in person, she had all this acne on her.

I'd totally do her facebook body, but not her real body.

"How come you called that date off with that boy?"
"He's nice, and he had a facebook hot picture, but in real life he's not.
by ONHERE July 20, 2009
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An act of going up the wrong side of the stairs. Most commonly used in two-story schools, stairs with rails, and buildings. It gives you a thrill like no other because you are breaking a rule of going up a side of the stairs that you should only be going down, not UP. A tradition at some schools that will carry on throughout the United States. Must be done when given the opportunity. Came from the the book King Arthur and the Code of Chivalry.A fairly new phase, but has spread through cities.
Everyday, schools should be going code.
by ONHERE July 08, 2009
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