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"I heard you were going rogue with that slapper you met last night?"

"Yes'm. Finally got my brown wings."
by Dr FlΓΌgel Braun October 22, 2009
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Solarpunk is a literary movement, a hashtag, a flag, and a statement of intent about the future we hope to create.
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It means dispearing for acts of vengeance
for example going rogue could be chuck norris getting mad and blowing a bunch of shit up or practically all steven sagal movies. or a cop who puts down his badge for vengeance.
has nothing to do with anal sex thats a joke from somebody as you noticed its several different vulgar definitions earlier so none of them matter because going rogue means dissapearing. can also mean getting drunk and blacking out
by rogue pimping July 12, 2011
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a British idiom for unprotected anal sex.
Bob: What does Sarah Palin say when her and Todd are having anal sex?
Ted: What?
Bob: Drill, baby, Drill!
Ted: I guess she's going rogue.
by ohyesididsuckit April 30, 2010
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A male that allows a transexual man fuck him hard in the ass, yet still claims to be straight.
Chris: dude, why is Hobbes walking funny?
Ted: I think he got too drunk last night and ended up going rogue.
Chris: oh no, not with that tranny!!!
by Tequila_Mockingbird January 28, 2008
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vb. slang term for having anal, rather than vaginal sex.
If Bristol Palin didn't want to get knocked up, she should have thought about going rogue.
by analplumage December 02, 2010
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When a woman chooses to let her pubic hair grow out fully, to not trim it or shape it in any way. It is based on a paragraph edited out Sarah Palin's book of the same name where she let it slip that she has never trimmed her pubic hair because it helps her to stay warm in those long Alaskan winters. The natural funk scent build-up it also rumored to scare away bears and wolves.
Bristol: Levi! Wow, did you see how big and angry that Kodiak Bear was?

Levi: Yeah Bristol, I'm sure glad your Mom was "Going Rogue" and the bear got one whiff of that and ran like hell.
by Archanimal July 27, 2010
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