What I do too much of the time when I'm trying to write stories. I can never finish them because I get distracted too much by the kids in the neighborhood pissing around outside an contracting STDs. Which I don't think is good given that they're 10-14 year olds. When I was their age I had to walk 3 miles to school and sneak past a roman blockade. Kids these days have it too damn easy. They eat 4 times as much as they need because they're spoiled little brats. In Africa children are starving and being conscripted into child armies.

Where was I? Oh yeah, STDs. It stands for Sexually Transmitted Disease. You get them from unprotected sex. Sluts have them. It's all fun and games until you get one.
Guy 1: I had unproctected sex with this hot blonde! Then I got an STD
Guy 2: ouch man.
Guy 3: we're going off topic from talking about the test this morning.
by WaffleGhost April 16, 2014
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this is when people say things but they go off on a tengent and did you see that thing on the news tonight gee the president is stpid and i can't believe there's yet another reality show and the weather's pretty nice this morning what's with all the stupid entried in the dictionary just look at the for goodness sake now that's stupid isn't it just make a dictionary dammit i don't want all these stupid entries like that one for going off topic now what's one stupid thing
by Your name August 18, 2003
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