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When you have taken to many drugs over the years and you loose your mind on various occasions. Mostly all the time.
by Charlie Magoo February 19, 2015
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Used to describe the feeling when you're absolutely out of your face on some substance or other. Generally the point in the night where things stop making sense. This feeling can be applied all the time when at a music festival.
"Mate, my head's going west... Where are you? Opposite the moon you say? Oh sound, I'll try and find you."

Also can be used as "My head's gone west.. I need to go home - now.."
by Andrew Swane May 08, 2007
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going west means to go to a really seedy part of town for most likely equally seedy buissness.
guy 1:I'm going west, seems like it's all i can afford now.
guy 2: that sucks dude, that just plain sucks.
by smmgf November 01, 2006
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