the juvenile Godzilla-like creature in the 1970s Hanna Barbera American-produced animated series based loosely on the Toho Godzilla. Godzuki was between 10' and 25' tall (varied due to relatively low-grade Saturday morning animation). He was clearly more intelligent than most dogs, and very friendly. He had web-wings that spanned from under his arms to the sides of his body. These enabled him to fly fairly well. (Despite the fact that he was obviously too chubby to get off the ground with so little lifting surface.) He could normally produce only puffs of smoke when attempting flame breath. He had the ability to call Godzilla from great distances vocally. Godzuki was called Godzilla's "nephew". His origin wasn't explained.
by anonymous May 28, 2003
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A Sergal with a mind so dirty that if you try to wash his mouth out with soap he will start to suck on it while gazing into your eyes and producing dirty soap. He will then expect you to use this dirty soap late in the night while performing the "zuky fuck".

Zuky fuck: Face down ass up, that's the way you zuky fuck.

Commonly found roaming the internet making every normal conversation a little dirtier.
Her: "I think he tried to hump my leg."
Me: "Must be a Godzuky."
by M1ckTheD1ck November 12, 2016
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