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A really shitty person to begin with who is then asked to be a godparent by a friend who should know better. A Godflake will always flake on the actual baptism for no reason at all. A Godflake will continuously disappoint everyone that they know because that's what they do. They don't make excuses or give reasons because they don't give a fuck. If you encounter one of these types you won't know it. They are tricky-like midgets-however, they never fail to disappoint.
Johnny: Jenni, I love you so much. I wanna have half Filipino babies with you.

Jenni: I'll have your baby if you can touch that backboard.

Johnny: Ok. I'm gonna ask Adriana and Mike to be the Godflakes. They probably won't show up though.

Jenni: Yea, they are terrible people. I like them.
by MikeC. November 16, 2012
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