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A syndrome induced upon cocky video gamers when faced with an insurmountable challenge in any given game. God of War Complex originally derives from a mildly difficult block jumping stage of the popular Playstation 2 game "God of War" where even skilled gamers could lose their cool if they repeatedly failed at completing it. God of War Complex takes its most extreme form when the gamer gives up altogether after failing to complete the given challenge. In instances such as this the game has essentially "beaten" the player and no justification or excuses can compensate for this fact. God of War Complex is often the result of a combination of not having nice thumb game, childish tendencies and a knack for making up excuses when one is unable to succeed.
-Where is Ace? I thought we were gonna play this new game...
-He couldnt beat the first level so he went home and said it was wack.
-Wow, I didn't realize how bad his God of War Complex was...
by Paperboy215 April 07, 2010
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