1) verb: to beat the best of a certain job, sport, or any other competition. by doing this, that person would now become "the first". (note: this is practically impossible because chuck norris is the first at everything, and no one can beat him).

2) noun: a band from escondido, california that is known for their jaw dropping chord progressions, energy-packed live shows, sky high vocals, and their amazing ping pong skills.
(Kid to his friend) Hey man, i just beat the first!!!

(Chuck Norris comes in) Hey kid, no you didn't (Kid dies).

(Chuck Norris to the kid's friend) Hey man, sorry i killed your friend. Hopefully this will cheer you up. (Chuck gives the friend tickets to a beat the first concert)

(Kid) Thanks Chuck! I feel much better!
by theguyperson December 21, 2009
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