It's an infamous song by Ariana Grande
It means woman is a god basically.
It has nothing to do with God.
It tells about how much power women have that they deserve a lot more respect than men.
They literally created this world.
Everyone reading this are also existing because of their mother and their sacrifices during the pregnancy time and even after that.
The song says having a pussy is power.
Be proud to be a women.
Women are not sex toys.
And stop abusing someone by calling a slut or a whore just because she wore a short dress.
Many men play with women's feelings as they don't know yet that God is a woman.
by Devilish ✨ July 7, 2022
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A song created by Ariana Grande , but not really meaning that God is a woman.. When saying this, you are saying that the pussy is just that good. Men or women will become pussy whipped to that who possesses this power.
Pete: Damn, after last night with Ariana... I believe God is a woman.
by Chocolate muffin July 18, 2018
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