Pertains to groups of High School students that are in love with christianity or with jesus thus annoying others who do not want to hear about them 24/7. The God child may also share their love for God or Jesus on websites including myspace or facebook.
Jon:Dude why does that god child so against abortion?
Joe: You just said it God Child Duh!
by Kasey Sullivan February 01, 2008
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2nd rule!..Whatever Gan Korkor say, Gan Meimei must listen so as long its not too li pu, as a sign of respect!

3rd rule!.. gan meimei has her freedom to do whatever she wants.. such as learning from gan kor kor

4th rule!... GAN MEI MEI will have her freedom, but gan KORKOR will be there to correct anything he (as well as others) finds inappropriate !!

5th rule.. exchange 1 to 1 trouble!!!

6th rule.. cannot use trouble as bribery !!!

7th rule!.. be honest to each other

8th rule.. As Gan siblings, when we talk to each other, cannot talk halfway
cos the other party will feel like ur not interested in talking with him/her

9th rule!.. all the above rules are invalid.. coz as gan siblings is a causal form.. no rules and restriction should be imposed

10th rule.. Gan siblings can love each other, not just as frens, but others as well.

EG. 10th rule of being a God Child
WILSON LOVES IRENE as a someone really special
by wwhp October 12, 2008
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