Goated with the sauce refers to the acronym G.O.A.T, (Greatest of all time), and with the sauce implies completeness. To be Goated with the sauce is to reach nirvana.
He's bussing it down sexual style? He must be goated with the sauce!
by The Aquela February 4, 2022
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When someone is attracted to the same gender but still spits game to the opposite gender
Cameron: Hey Ryan did you see that quirked up white boy talking to that girl?
Ryan: Yeah dude he’s goated with the sauce
by EdgyCreature February 5, 2022
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Something idiots say to be funny with their friends when they lack any substance or personality.
Zachary Hardon: my dick is giant-I'm goated with the sauce.

Jester Allenwrench: I've sucked it- It's average. You're not goated with the sauce.
by KUSHVAPOR June 11, 2022
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