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The lowest form of "Winning" (Charlie Sheen Style). White trash celebrating victory, or completing a task in the creepiest manner possible.
1. Bernard drank to the point where he was hospitalized...that's Goat Style!

2. Giving a blind sided hug, so your hairy

shoulder winds up in the victims mouth. That's Goat Style!

3. Picking a hot blonde out of the crowd and sexually assaulting her gently...that's Goat Style!

4. Recommending the game Twister and homeless people for a large party with work friends is...GOAT STYLE!
by Goat Heaton December 12, 2011
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When your fucking a midget from the back and her pussy makes a “bahhhh” sound like a goat.
“Dude i fucked her goat style last night”
“Wow that sounds like a full send to me”
by Fullsender25/8 November 08, 2018
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