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n. A pair of pants that are too small for the owner, but had once been the correct size. The owner insists on keeping the pants and making it a goal to become the same size they once were and thus fit into the pants. After many failed attempts, the goal size may be attained. However two problems usually arise: the goal pants are out of style (usually 10 or more years old) OR the owner proudly wears the pants for a day or two and then celebrates by eating something fattening, like the baconator and their fit lifestyle fades away and they begin to relapse into the round, tubby, person they will always be.
my girlfriend says that she is gonna fit into these pants again (holds up some tiny ass pants)

Damn!!!!! they are tiny, when's the last time that beefy girl wore those?

When she was three!

Now thats some goal pants!
by RedDan69 February 08, 2011
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A pair of pants, usually flattering or stylish, purchased in a size smaller than one's current waistline. The size of the pants become the "goal" size of the purchaser, who is rewarded by being able to wear them once they've lost enough weight.
I bought a pair of goal pants from nordstroms! They only had size 2, but three more months of pilates and they'll fit perfectly!
by goalpants January 27, 2010
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