Go Hulk (GOE-hullck)

To grab someone by the ankles and smash their face or head, depending on the way they grab the ankles, into the ground several times—at least three—by whipping their body above the head and back down on the ground so their head or face smashes first, followed by their body going limp, paralysis, and if done correctly, immediate death. This is then followed by petting a small furry animal as if you’ve done nothing wrong and walking away with your head held high.
Amanda - “hey, do you guys wanna snort some aspirin I crushed up to look like drugs?”

A few minutes later...

Jenny - “why is Amanda dead?”

Jeff - “she offered me fake drugs and I had no choice but to go hulk on her.”
by Ken1plus2 March 19, 2019
This is what you do when you don't have any form of underwear you can put on. So you just put on some jeans.
"aw man, I don't have any underwear. Guess I'm Going Hulk again"
by Youngboy redd January 21, 2020
To get so pissed that you turn green and start shaking the entire world around.
Oh no. Jeremy is Going Hulk, now that Roomscape is down! It's too bad he has to do his work in science class!