Going Elliot Rodger. Refers to how Elliot Rodger committed mass murder on the population due to his inceldom. "ER" is often capitalized within innocent words to indicate the hidden angst of being an incel.
Balding Truecel: I'm running out of copes. My mom died, I got kicked out by my landlord, I live off of dry Ramen noodle packets, and I ran out of my pills.

Noble Incel: I'm so sorry to hEaR that brocel. It seems that thERe are no more options for you. Just leech off of the government or go ER.
by its0verbuddyboyo April 14, 2023
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originally coined from real life killings in Isla Vista in 2014, it now usually means that someone is about to go nuts or off the deep end. the reason for going ER is usually trivial.
after finding out that Mike once again lost his gold 1 promos due to monkey teammates, Mike was going ER in the group chat
by Foozi200 June 2, 2020
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Elliot: I'm going to go ER.
Becky: Yikes on bikes sweetie! I'm calling the police.
Elliot: Chill, I just need to go to the emergency room.
by A4775 October 17, 2022
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one who likes and listens to ska music
by lor September 21, 2003
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Someone who only gets invited to parties at the most inconvenient times of his/her life. Usually at these parties they will meet very important people, thus making it worse.
Inviter: Hey, wanna come to my graduation party?

Invitee: Ugh, I have a fever.

Inviter: Ashton Kutcher will be there.

Invitee: Damn, I'm such an inconvenient party go-er
by thisismeallthetime June 16, 2011
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