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Combining the words gnar and shred to create an even more astounding, yet a more formidable and imposing, adjective than either of the two primordial words it bastradized unto itself.

Although its root words are related to amazing guitar techniques, gnarshred is not in fact limited by describing an incredible guitar riff, lick, or solo; but the object you are referring to must meet or succeed the mind-blowing standards of awesomeness and attributes of these biblical efforts.

Use with caution. The use of this word might bring about mental collapse, digestive failure, or even death to the weak.
1. Dude 1 - "Dude, that fuckin' show last night was HARDCORE!


2. CrabcoreDouche - "Man, Attack! Attack! is the gnarshred!"

Dude - "Die motherfucker!"

*CrabcoreDouche falls to the floor, convulses, and lets out a last breath of agony before passing on to Hell to be Satan's little bitch.*
by The JMS June 12, 2011
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