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A ridiculous lie told to you by your boyfriend/husband/guy friend. May be hard to recognize at first, but will eventually MANifest itself as a typical "Gluy" (alt. spelling - glie). Sometimes used to cover up past relationship mistakes that they made, typically by showing themselves as the victim and calling their exes a "crazy." Source of many headaches and much confusion in the female world.
Rodney (to new love interest): Yeah my ex, Sara was a definite crazy, she was always on my case and called me when I hung out with anyone.

TRUTH: the "anyone" in question could range from the drunk girl he tried to hook up to the many new love interests he felt the need to seek out (all while still in a long-term relationship.) Such Gluys.

Dave: Sorry babe, didn't get your text..
Sandi: But I can tell on my phone that you opened it
Dave: Oh, shit.
Sandi. You're such a gluyer...
by SandSproductions February 11, 2010
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