What people in the hood call any pistol (Actual glock, hi point, sig, etc.) Despite the name, glock does not make a 9, as the 9 refers to the 9mm rounds most popular pistols shoot.
I remember eating ramen with a glock 9
by Whipt_butter December 8, 2021
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This is an lyric from YNW MELLY's ''Murder On My Mind'' it's pretty good song if I must say myself, it's probably available everywhere.
Teacher: Class, what's 118-71? Quiet Kid: That's AK-47, MAC-11 GLOCKs, AND 9's. 15 Students: Hey, I think we'll head out, oh what's that mom? Oh you got my sandwich well, sorry guys gotta go! Teacher: Oh. Okay, have a good day? Principal: What's going on in here I got an alert saying we've got a kid with guns? Teacher: Oh, yes it was that kid right there! Quiet Kid: AK-47, Mac-11, Glocks, and 9's. Oink Oink: Nah my guy you are out of here that's it!! You going to jail today!! Quiet Kid Whispers: AK-47, Mac-11, Glocks, and 9's.
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