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Get Your Ass Ate From The Front
What you say in call of duty when you stuff a shotgun in someone’s face and pull the trigger
by Whipt_butter January 10, 2023
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Hey bro you wanna go to the beach later?”
“Mhmhm might have to”
by Whipt_butter November 16, 2020
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What people in the hood call any pistol (Actual glock, hi point, sig, etc.) Despite the name, glock does not make a 9, as the 9 refers to the 9mm rounds most popular pistols shoot.
I remember eating ramen with a glock 9
by Whipt_butter December 8, 2021
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“Lick on these nuts boy.” Commonly said as “L-O-T-N-B,” slowly, as to provoke a question of what you’re saying, thus beckoning the response of “Lick on these nuts, boy.”
“Damn bro how did you fail that test it was so easy
“What did you just say?”
Lick on these nuts boy”
by Whipt_butter May 16, 2022
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