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If you haven't heard of the computer game Glider, you should read that definition before reading this one.

Glider Pro was what came after the original Glider, adding to it lots of new things, but it was essentially the same game. In Glider pro there are more room backgrounds.... you can link a switch to an object in another room.... there are LOTS more objects... etc., etc., etc. Makes building rooms/houses more fun because you have more options, but loses some of the charm of the original Glider. There is a Glider Pro for Mac OS X, but it doesn't have room editor. The one for OS 9, which does have a room editor, works on OS X machines that have a "classic" mode, but it freezes randomly for no reason.

note: Cassidy & Greene, the company that licensed Glider and Glider Pro, went bankrupt several years ago. The author, John Calhoun, has made Glider Pro available online for free, as shareware. Go to Google and search for Glider OS X, and you can download Glider Pro-- the OS X or the OS 9. As far as I know, Glider Pro is only available for the Mac.
I have spent HOURS playing Glider Pro, or Glidering.
by bandcampgirl183 September 13, 2005
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