A small town about 20-30 minutes north of Cincinnati, Ohio. Probably most well known for it's location next to Sharonville. Glendale is home to the least productive cops in Ohio and a bakery with the least convenient hours in the USA. Glendale is largely populated by senior citizens who refuse to be taken care of by anyone else and therefore do not reside in Maple Knoll, a retirement home 5 minutes away, where they belong. Glendale's reputation of being a wealthy or "high-class" village is tarnished considerably by it's dubious location within the Princeton school district. Children attending Princeton public schools and living in Glendale experience a strange contrast between the harsh realities of school life and the sheltered atmosphere of their neighborhood. They are forced to tell everyone at school that they're aren't rich even though they know they are and are then ostricized by the middle-class majority. All in all Glendale is just a depressing combination of old people, poser kids who frequent the Rave on Friday nights, and "five-star" restaurants that really suck. Oh, and there are railroad tracks running directly through the center of Glendale - the tracks are used frequently.
Kid: What's it like living in Glendale?
Glendale Kid: Everyone thinks it's really nice, but it's just like everywhere else. Honestly, I spend most of my time adding definitions to urbandictionary.com... I'm also horrified that I live 2 minutes from Woodlawn.

*the website made me include this: Glendale (Ohio)*
by I.Like.Rap.Music. July 27, 2009