gleeped adj \gleapt \
Really fucked up.
:completely destroyed because of stupidity:
I bought an old Plymouth Sundance from this kid for about $700. It ran like total shit, and he had no idea what was wrong. I bought it, repaired all of the broken vacuum lines, and it ran like it was supposed to. He gleeped it.
by moviesrgood April 28, 2011
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A Gleep is the name for a person who basically doesn't want to do things the "easy" way. They are feisty and giving trouble. They don't knuckle under pressure nor give in to paying a "protection" fee for either themselves or their business and go so far as to "spit in someone's eye" to show they won't be bullied by gang members.

Because of this, they aren't long for this world and are often killed by someone in that gang, usually to leave a message to the other merchants, "pay or else ..."
Dialogue from Twilight Zone, "Nervous Man In A Four Dollar Room."

"So tomorrow morning, they find the old gleep sprawled across his bar. And then all the rest of them swing in line."
by dw8177 April 30, 2018
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An expletive similar to wow or ouch, in this case it refers to feeling faint because of a famous and highly admired person being in their presence.
"Gleeps, it's Batman !"
(as spoken in the pilot episode, "Hi Diddle Riddle" from the 1966 series Batman).
by dw8177 December 15, 2016
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When you take a dump in a bathtub. Then you roll around in it.
That gleeper didn't wash off well enough. He had a little poop stain on his hair and I found out he was a gleeper.
by Your own buttocks December 19, 2009
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A slang term meaning purloin, filtch, rifle; in short, steal
I bet he never even gleeped anything!
by Dr. Evazan May 31, 2011
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Slang for skill. Usually in the context of an individual who completely outshines his opponents as if he as stolen their abilities and skills. A gleeper is one who gleeps.
Did you see that dunk? Pure gleep man.
by mastergleep December 6, 2014
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To shoot saliva in a stream from ones mouth while holding the tongue to the roof of the mouth.

This is either done on purpose or by accident.
Cindy would always gleep at us when she got mad.
by Amadscientist April 22, 2009
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