noun. one who is amazing at frisbee and at life in general

verb. the act of playing ultimate frisbee at an incredibly high skill level
noun: i wish i could be like glauser

verb: woah!! that dude can glauser!
by steve November 17, 2003
A self-proclaimed frisbee god
"That arrogant bastard! He thinks he's such a Glauser!"
by Puto November 17, 2003
(n.) Asian/German in origin; one who sleeps on the floor while dreaming about eating cats and small children; usually associated with plotting to kill directors of Honors programs

(v.) The act of sleeping on the floor and dreaming about eating cats and small children
(n.) You think cats are delicious? Your are a fucking Glauser!

(v.) I'm going to lie down and Glauser now!
by Mike November 16, 2003