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I person who believes attending the Capitalist money making project called the Glastonbury Festival, makes them in some way; new age, green, liberal, open minded, or relevant.

Glastontories are the most phoney people on the planet. They will spend three days at the festival telling everyone how green they are, and then leave their tent and all their rubbish for someone else to clear up, because they’re just too lazy and ignorant to do it themselves. They will tell everyone at the festival how passionate they are about the homeless, but once they get back to the real world, they will walk past street people, like they’re from another planet. They will tell everyone about their boundless social conscience, whilst never actually contributing anything to planet Earth or the human race, except: waste, pollution, and unneeded children that will grow up to be just as ignorant, as they are.
I can remember when festivals were about music: Now everyone at them is a Glastontory.
by Rikstir August 22, 2019
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