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Assport, shit town between Mckeesport and Clairton Pennsylvania..Home of gang related violence, drugs, guns, robberies, muggings, hood rats, and failure
"I heard my nigga got robbed last night"

"Well yeah, he's in Glassport!"
by JayRayjjj September 28, 2013
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A small town between clariton and mckeesport pennsylvania. Often overlooked as a place where there's drugs robberies and murders. Yes there's a lot but never mess with a Glassport bitch they might seem small and quiet even but they know how to fuck your day up with one hit. Being in the hood is a great thing it only makes you stronger. you port vue bitches think you're better than Glassport people but most of you only live in port vue because you're on food stamps and section 8 don't act all tough the Glassport gang will fuck you up... So next time watch out when you mess with a Glassport bitch
I heard Grace messed with Sophia and Sophia kicked her ASS

Yeah don't fuck with someone from Glassport dumb ass
by anon137 December 07, 2016
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