Being able to see what the inner workings of a company are, usually as an employee of said company.
Looking through the glass door of I-BEE-N, we can see that the upper Management make 32% bonuses on top of their commissions.
by limeyluke September 7, 2009
(V) To let one silently rip, while an unsuspecting candidate walks right into the invisble wall of stench, thus producing a reaction as if he/she walked into a glass door.
Wayne ran ahead and Glass Doored us. The stench was God-Aweful and smacked me in the face. I may have lost vision in my right eye.
by Luster Duster December 14, 2010
A term to describe a homosexual who is still in the closet, yet everyone else can clearly see their sexuality. Therefore the closet they are in as a glass door closet.
Johno: "Man, I think Ryan is definitely gay, but he says he's not."

Steve: "Yeah man he's gay, he's just in a glass door closet."
by kay lost April 26, 2010
Someone who express their sexuality/gender identity quite frequently and openly but never actually comes out of the closet. Either because they can't, don't want to, or aren't sure what it is they are.
"Flannels are so gay, haha."
"Don't you own like 5 flannels?"
"Are you gay?"
"Whaaaaaattttttt?????? Noooooooooo."
"Fuckin liar."
"Glass doors my friend, glass doors."
"The fuck does that mean?"

"What's what mean I don't know what you're talking about."
by JustSomeKnowItAll December 5, 2016
The metaphorical location of a flamboyantly homosexual person who refuses to own up to their gay ways.
Yeah, he obviosuly likes dudes, but I guess he's in the Glass Door Closet
by Alagai March 22, 2017
When one person sits on top of a glass coffee table while another person lays underneath. The person sitting on top proceeds to take a shit on the glass
Nicole totally gave me the glass door last night
by rbsquared February 19, 2014