Verb; the act of eating by yourself in a public setting; derived from the 2007 comedy Superbad in which Seth remarks to Evan, "So I gotta sit here and eat my dessert alone like I'm fuckin' Steven Glansberg?" Camera then pans to a lonely looking boy eating yogurt. Glansbergging is sadly commonplace on college campuses.
"You guys have class at noon? Fuck, I'm gonna have to Glansberg it again."
by butzler January 26, 2009
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A person can can be referred to as a Glansberg once he/she has sat and eaten a meal in a public place alone. Reference to the popular 2007 film, Superbad, in which Steven Glansberg is pointed out as the kid who sits and each his lunch alone every day.
"Oh hey, there's Ryan. I bet he feels like a fuckin' Glansberg sitting by himself over there."
by 2 zig-zags October 17, 2008
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The act of dining out alone. Referring to the cult classic film Superbad.
I saw Jerry Glansberging it at IHOP today.
by SGlansberg1776 July 28, 2014
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That kid who sits alone at lunch every day, eating his dessert.

From "Superbad".
Seth: Alright, let's stop this and just go get some dessert.
Evan: No, I can't. I gotta...go meet my counselor, I'm picking out my classes for next year.
Seth: ...what? So I gotta sit here and eat my dessert alone like I'm fuckin' Steven Glansberg?
*points at Glansberg*
Evan: I guess...yeah...I mean, what do you want me to do?
by Radiotheatre September 13, 2007
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The term 'Steven Glansberg' arised from the popular teen film 'Superbad'. In the film, he is refered to when Evan is about to leave Seth eating lunch alone and Seth says that he will now look like Steven Glansberg and there is a shot of him eating pudding all by himself.

So now if you see someone around eating lunch alone (works best in schools/colleges) be sure to say, "Hey Glansberg" or simply mutter to your friend, "Ha look at Steven Glansberg over there"
Jamie takes a seat in the cafeteria
Rich: "Na dont sit here, we'll look like fuckin Steven Glansbergs"
by RichBoi69 June 29, 2009
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Someone who sits alone at lunch while there are tons of other places to sit
Look over there it's Molly Hodson pulling a Steven Glansberg
by farve989 December 16, 2009
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Another name for Lucas McCutchan

Steven Glansberg has no friends just like Lucas
Anthony: hey Gino look at that kid he looks like Steven Glansberg.

Gino: Yea he has no friends just like Lucas McCutchan
by party boy2345 October 5, 2011
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