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The glamorous act of travel long distances by train in a cramped (yet surprisingly homey) multi-birth sleeper cabin.

Partakers should engage (at the very least) in copious amounts of random foreign alcohol, crafty bathroom cigarettes, dancing in a ridiculous fashion to nostalgic party music and of course... leave said sleeper cabin in a very, very shameful state.

Glab as fuck.
"Are you guys flying to Venice?"

"Nah we're taking the Eurostar to Paris and then taking a sleeper to Bologna, catch a local train from there"

"Paris to Bologna on a train?! That'll take ages, you should just fly it'll be dirt cheap"

"It's cool, we've got speakers for tunage and there's a bunch of us. We'll glab it up, get drunk and see all the amazing scenery. It's all about the glabining man, trust me!"
by take jack not crack September 06, 2011
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