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a group of rampaging beasts that live in groups of 3 or 4, they eat small childern. they stalk there prey until they get the kill.They act normal and sane, but once you get to know them, well lets say, you wont be going home any time soon. the usual habitat for a group of givlers is amish country, they enjoy the privacy and know one really notices when animals and children go missing. they move from place to place trying to stay under cover but every 100 years one of them are captured and everyone finds out there secert. i would warn you of these strange creatures, they may lerk anywhere from in your attic from your basement, they like warm climates and dont do well in the cold, or the beach. feed them everyday to keep them alive you dont want a dead givler just laying around. many can be friendly, and calm. dont fear the "children" in the group they usually dont hunt real humans until age 18, but they start stalking at age 13. they stalk chinese people.some may remind you of turdbeast or celery string, but dont be frightened, if you stay still and stay quiet they wont notice you. it depends on what region they live in, but the ones in middle pa can change from human to zombie all the way back to beasts, ive seen it, it is quite amazing... but again, if you find you just hanging on the road just quickly go by before they notice you, or you can sneak up and keep them for your own reasons, but cannibalism is likely among them, so i dont suggest putting two together that aren't "related". never tell them facts, example, never say you stalk chinese people, well, your screwed then. they enjoy long conversations, pizza, and taking pictures. they make good friends, just not when they are older. well this raps up this tour of strange mythical creatures, thank you and join us again:
not many examples of theΒ΄Givler, they are unlikely to be found, or should i say "Recorded".
by icywolf87 March 21, 2009
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