Giuseppina is a pretty girl who probably got named by a Nonna. She is not a tall person and talks a lot. She‘s intelligent but doesn‘t want to understand that. Moreover she loves being alone but being alone for to long is not good for her. She has a good heart and needs family. She‘s queer and supports feminism with passion.
Giuseppina is special and had no luck when her parents decided her name
by wantmybabytohaveyoursmile November 18, 2021
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Giuseppina is a gorgeous woman who most likely is named after her Nonna. She has a kind heart and probably loves to bake or cook. Banging body and is probably hairy !
by bigbootypina November 22, 2021
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An oldie. This person is usually very sickly and disturbed. They like to lick buns and are typically furry. They usually have dumbness associations and shots as well as ice cubes in her pants. They make weird noises and are extremely annoying. She is typically very hairy and has a male complexion. She can be strict.
Look it’s a very hairy girl, it must be a giuseppina!”
by JaydenSenjohn May 8, 2018
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