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Noun- An extremely advanced sexual maneuver that requires champion skill at closing deals while particularly intoxicated. Originally preformed during a drunken Halloween romp at Saint Michael’s College in 2008, the inventor of this skillful, but demeaning fornication technique sloppily and eloquently convinced a possibly crusty Saint Michael’s girl to accompany him to her dormitory room. Once in the room, while still unaware of the female’s name the creator of the Giufjob consummated their short, but lustful relationship by engaging in sexual relations while continuing to wear his Halloween mask. Following what was reportedly a disappointingly prompt and un-extraordinary ejaculation the “Giufjobber” in question fled the scene only to discover, contrary to his belief at the time that he was not at the University of Vermont. The “Giufjober” slinked back to the before mentioned female’s room to spend an increasingly awkward night.

Necessary attributes of a Giufjob-

1. A mask must be worn throughout the entirety of intercourse
2. An unknown identity
3. Little to no recollection of the actual occurrence of the event
4. No memory of the identity or physical appearance of the female sexual partner
5. Extreme intoxication
6. The intercourse must be followed by a devastatingly embarrassing event that forces the colored male sexual partner to stay the night
Dude, I Giufjobed the shit out of this girl last night, I have no fucking idea who she was. I woke up at 5am, still in my Robin custom with my peter out and some crusty bitch pasted out next to me…got the fuck out of there. Dude, total Giufjob.
by boy-perv June 02, 2009
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