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Gissella is the best person. she’s always happy and she’s very caring. Gissella’s are sooo beautiful. She can be shy but she’s also very funny. She flirts with boys and boys can easily fall in love with her.Gissella is usually an emotional girl but she’s strong and independent.
Person 1: What’s that girls name over there?
Person 2: that’s Gissella
Person 1: She’s too beautiful to be true💕!
by Qqhhhvdrrt23 May 19, 2018
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Gissella is the most kindest person ever. She plays mean but she isn’t. She loves music and the arts. She flirts a lot with boys too. People can get jealous of her beauty but she’s an angel from heaven. She’s really sweet and kind. She is so beautiful and doesn’t know it. The boys are all over her, She’s a Gissella!
person1: Is That girl over there nice ?

Person2: She is really nice! She’s a Gissella !

Person1: She’s sooo beautiful
by Qqhhhvdrrt23 May 18, 2018
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The most beautiful person ever. Gissella is a beautiful name only given to beautiful girls. She flirts a lot with boys and they can fall in love with her! she’s the kindest person ever. She might also be an emotional person but she’s independent and strong . She’s a badass and she can be a good liar and she’s the funniest person you’ll ever meet !
Person 1: Who is that girl ?
Person 2: that’s Gissella!
Person 1: she’s too beautiful to be true!
by Sjajwjaja55 May 20, 2018
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Gissella is a really beautiful girl ! She’s kind and smart . She might play with mean words but she’s actually really sweet. she also flirts a lot. She’s a strong independent woman!!
by Sjajwjaja55 May 24, 2018
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