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A little girl between the age when she learns to walk and no longer is first and foremost a baby, until about the age of three. Someone once said that if the human race had to justify its right to continued existence, we should send a girlette to argue our case, since they are almost impossible to say no to (as one can attest from an observation of any toy store, supermarket, etc). Girlettes discover their feminine identity very, very quickly. My youngest daughter, for example, grew to expect free pizza every time she passed our local pizza place.

The defining characteristic of a girlette is incredible, overpowering cuteness. A major component of this is their size. After three, they simply become little girls.
Looking at his daughter, who only a few months ago was just a baby, he realized she had become a real girlette.
by Larry the wordsmith April 23, 2012
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