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Ginneken - An alcoholic beverage which consists of three parts Heineken and one part ginger ale. The drink was discovered by S.J. Mesaros and J.P. May on September 29th, 2009. After everyone had enjoyed Heineken and ginger ale separately they decided to mix the bevarages by filling 3/4 of a cup with Heineken and the remainder with ginger ale. To determine if the drink was "too good to be true", the inventors invited friends to try the experimental blend. It was quickly a hit and people were not shy to ask for seconds.

To determine if the concoction was truely original, research was conducted and it was concluded that the Ginneken was the first of its kind. Soon after the discovery, additional mixes have been attempted. Among those with promise So is the "Verneken," a mix of Verner's soda with Heineken. Feeling overwhelmed? The inventors suggest adding one shot of your finest gin to the mix for a bold adventure.

So, whether you are sitting at home or spending a night out on the town, pour yourself a Ginneken and you will be saying "pour me another!"
by Great Taste October 01, 2009
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