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One who is attracted to "ginger" kids, usually classified by their light red hair, white skin, and freckles. Comparable to a chubby chaser, who follows the same principles but with overweight people.
My sister is a ginger binger, she watches Harry Potter movies repeatedly just for the Weasley family, Rupert Grint in particular.

I knew I was a ginger binger for life ever since I saw the Parent Trap as a little boy. That ginger hair and freckles never once left my mind afterwards.
by silasam September 03, 2009
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an ugly troll bred of incest from direct parents sister and brother with ugly freckles and a micro penis but more of a vagina who likes to rape and sexually assault underage waman. he’s going to die one day of avian flu. But before that, he will have 3 children with his sister named gingy, bingy, and turbo-tastic.
“Oh! There’s ginger binger! Everyone cover your asses! He’s coming!”

“Oh look! It’s a troll! It’s a monster! Its-Its— oh it’s just ginger binger, nicknamed incestous gingertastic frecklicious.”
by onceyougozackunevergoback April 29, 2019
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A person who exclusively dates gingers.
"Rogan's last five girlfriends have had red hair!"
"Yeah, he's become quite the ginger binger."
by Iron Dan December 26, 2013
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