"Oh my fucking god it's so big"-every female on the planet.

Yes it is in fact true, those pale soulless guys with the orange and sometimes red hair tend to pack in allot of sausage.

There is a myth that goes around that states that everytime a redheaded guy is insulted their penis doubles in size.

Ask your mom she felt it last night

THE Ginger Penis
Girl 1: omg so I hooked up with a redhead yesterday and I was like so scared, he was so big
Girl 2: Wow how did you survive that?!

Girl 1: The Ginger Penis was merciful
by UserVetTrill November 12, 2020
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If someone has a ginger penis they have the biggest dick a white person could have it reaches to the length of a black penis
I have sex with a guy and he had a ginger penis, it was the best night of my life
by Axel Carbajal February 06, 2020
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A small, chubby, chode like penis almost identical to the chode except the ginger penis has ginger Pubic hair.
I slept with Brandon last night and he has such a ginger penis
by Jdpalo67 June 27, 2017
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