The best single off the best album Blackout by the legendary Britney Spears and the best song EVER. No other song can make you feel like a bitch like this song does.
A: Do you know the song Gimme More?
B: No, I don’t
A: Die, you bastard
by Freddemanzo November 13, 2020
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Britney Spears's latest single. It's supposedly her comeback. Unfortunately, she repeats the same two words over again in the chorus.

We get it Britney. We get it.
"Gimme gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme more. Gimme gimme more."

She wants more custody so she's getting it. Yay.
by Ayeedrian October 16, 2007
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A song by Britney Spears that was suppose to be her comback song until she performed it at the VMA'S. She did an awful performance with her weave all messed up, her lip synching was terrible, she looked liked she didn't know her dance moves. People speculated the heel of her shoe was broken, or that she heard sara silverman's rehersal refering her kids as mistakes, but more likely it was because of her heavy partying every nite until 4 am before her performance.
jack: did you see britney spears awful performance gimme more at the vmas last nite.
lindsey: yeah it was the worse performance i've ever seen. she shouldt've been partying and drinking all nite before the show fukin alchoholic.
jose: u still watch the vma's?
by steve-o16 October 1, 2007
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