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i) A sub-suggestive suggestion - information spread via verbal, sub-vocal, body actions and sub-conscious signaling purposed to elicit sought response.

ii) A combination of imagery and/or text that appears as innocuous and is not.
The politics of the day were set with a cynically defined system of gimagiks, the educated man didn't have a chance

Reaction / Response

Verbalized - "Gee Whizz guys that ideology/speech/movie/website/presentation/mask was unreal"

Sub-vocalized - "Although I have no idea what this is, I am enraptured with that message"

Body Repose - Weakening of muscular structure, submissiveness, open to further suggestion

Sub-Conscious Signal - I am malleable

Potential Ramification: Psychosis, from denial of intuition due to inability to discern truth from falsity and investing faith in such falsity
by Kernocker November 20, 2010
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