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Definition 1. The most
intercourse(fucking) at once with a female at once. *Example* finger to vaginal or anal or mouth(multiple(10 fingers=X10 holes(toes can count too)), mouth to vaginal(multiple), penis to vaginal AND anal AND mouth, simultaneously all at once!
Origin: Gil, meaning, most as possible for one usage. Berto, old roman for fuck.

Definition 2. person who can do the most overdose of a drug(marijuana(pot), crack, coke, meth, acid, shrooms, pills, anything ejected with needle, and also including alcohol), without blackout, or even death. And can still read sing the ABCs clear enough for a blind person to hear.

Definition 3. Crazy person who puts him self in danger of killing him/her self, or other people.
Origin: Gili, which comes Italian phrase for nik.
The word "Giliberto"'s examples were described for each of the following Definitions listed above.

"Oh yes that Giliberto last night was amazingly jolting! And i can still feel the throbing pain of the sensation!" said, one of the 20 girls that were at the party the other night.
by Dr. Cocktipus May 07, 2009
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